EXP Controller

The INOV8 Systems EXP Controller is a robust, compact oil-in-water analyzer designed for industries like Oil and Gas. It features RapidWave Ultrasonic Cleaning and Laser-Induced Fluorescence for precise measurements. User-friendly and low-maintenance, it's certified for safety in hazardous environments, enhancing monitoring and compliance.

EXS Controller

The INOV8 Systems EXS Controller is an advanced sidestream oil-in-water analyzer, designed for the Oil and Gas industry. It features RapidWave Ultrasonic Cleaning and Laser-Induced Fluorescence for reliable measurements. Compact, durable, and easy to install, this low-maintenance analyzer enhances efficiency and compliance with its user-friendly interface and remote monitoring capabilities, making it a cost-effective solution for rigorous industrial applications.

GPP Controller

The Inov8 Systems GPP Controller is an advanced oil-in-water analyzer tailored for a range of applications including environmental monitoring and leak detection. Featuring RapidWave Ultrasonic Cleaning and Laser-Induced Fluorescence, it delivers precise and reliable measurements. Compact and robust, this analyzer is designed for in-situ measurements in demanding environments. Its user-friendly, low-maintenance design, coupled with remote monitoring and automatic process control, makes it a highly efficient tool for continuous, real-time environmental analysis and system optimization.

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