Our Expertise

A sharp focus on analytical technology and its many applications for process industry clients has made us a trusted Canadian leader in analytical instrumentation. With our extensive experience as our guide, we are able to make informed, calculated decisions when it comes to choosing the perfect analytical technology and system design approach for your specific needs.


As your trusted partner, Novatech always takes a safety-minded approach to your project: we consider it our responsibility to provide analytical solutions that ensure the safety of your plant personnel and facility, as well as the environment and surrounding communities. Our systems are designed to prevent accidental exposure to any hazardous materials that are present at your facility so you can go about your operations with confidence and peace of mind.

  • Hazardous area certification
  • Operator safety
  • Environmental Protection

LONG-TERM reliability

In a plant or factory environment, uptime is everything. That’s why, in addition to meeting performance requirements, we take great care to ensure that our analytical solutions are designed with reliability in mind. You can expect your Novatech analyzer to feature robust system design for long-term performance, using parts and products that have been carefully selected for your specific application. We also ensure that your solution is integrated in a way that makes it easy for your technicians to perform routine maintenance and maintain your system in top operating condition .

Peace of mind

When you work with the best, you can be sure you’re in good hands. Our team of seasoned experts provides peace of mind every step of the way, from advising our clients on the best technology for their specific needs to prioritizing employee safety and environmental protection. Novatech’s capacity for customization is second to none, and our partner-centric approach means your vision will be guiding us from start to finish.

Novatech provided us with a solution that no one else could. Being able to only read oxygen didn’t give us the information we needed to ensure the process was running safely and efficiently. With all the other solutions, we would have had to install two analyzers to provide us with the same information as one Neo analyzer. This would have doubled our costs and pushed the project severely over budget. The product provided was well-built and has been reliably in service for 2 years. The service provided by Novatech has been outstanding: they are responsive to our requests and very knowledgeable, while providing great technical support both during and after the analyzer’s installation.”

– Alain Pedneault
Senior Instrumentation Technician
AltaGas Edmonton Ethane Extraction Plant

For me, Novatech is a benchmark in gas analysis. The company offers unparalleled service and solutions that are specifically selected and designed for process, safety, and environmental compliance applications. It was therefore the obvious choice for me to call upon Novatech to help us with this client, given that several types of gas analysis were required.

We needed an experienced partner who could provide us with the most robust and self-supporting solutions available, complete the project without any unpleasant surprises, and take care of follow-up and maintenance for years to come.

Francois St-Jacques, Hatch
Senior Designer / Control, Automation & Electricity

Industry-leading quality

We understand that time and budget constraints are a hard line – not just a suggestion. Our commitment to you is to prioritize and respect these two essential project elements, delivering your analytical solution on-time and with a price tag you’re comfortable with.

Tailored solutions

What do you get when you combine decades of experience with industry-leading know-how? You get Novatech. Knowing which technology fits each client’s specific application allows us to deliver high-performance analytical systems that exceed expectations and are built to last.


When you need a custom analytical solution, why call anyone but the experts? Our team always keeps quality and safety top-of-mind so you can run your operations with confidence. Contact us today to get started.