SO2 Emissions Treatment Plant

With the goal of reducing its sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions, an ore processing plant located in the Montérégie region of Québec chose Hatch to take on this major project. The engineering firm was mandated to build a new plant that would process SO2 emissions from the client’s industrial complex. Thanks to the technical and commercial quality of our products and services, combined with our expertise and know-how, Novatech had the opportunity to collaborate with Hatch on this project.


Since a combination of environmental design, safety, and process optimization elements needed to be considered, the chosen gas measurement systems had to be efficient and reliable in order to:

  • Ensure compliance with the various applicable environmental standards.
  • Prevent gas leaks or buildup that could jeopardize the safety of both the company’s employees and the surrounding community, or damage the industrial complex’s facilities.
  • Optimize the consumption and regeneration cycle of the SO2 filtration medium.


In order to meet the client’s needs, the following analytical solutions were put in place:

  • A system that measures atmospheric emissions (O2, CO, CO2, NOx and SO2).
  • A system that evaluates the level of SO2 in the plant’s ambient air.
  • An in-situ carbon monoxide and methane analyzer to enhance the safety of the upstream combustion process.
  • A network of SO2 gas detectors to monitor leaks that may originate from the plant.


For me, Novatech is a benchmark in gas analysis. The company offers unparalleled service and solutions that are specifically selected and designed for process, safety, and environmental compliance applications. It was therefore the obvious choice for me to call upon Novatech to help us with this client, given that several types of gas analysis were required.

We needed an experienced partner who could provide us with the most robust and self-supporting solutions available, complete the project without any unpleasant surprises, and take care of follow-up and maintenance for years to come.

Now that the project is finalized and has been operational for several years, I can confirm that Novatech has once again proven their mastery and their expertise with the completion of this project.”

– Francois St-Jacques, Hatch
Senior Designer / Control, Automation & Electricity


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