When it comes to select, purchase and commission a gas or liquid analyzer, why trust anyone other than a specialized firm? For over 30 years, our team has exclusively been focused on analytical instrumentation for process optimization, environmental analysis, and ambient detection. From the experiences that forged us, we have emerged as leaders in our field, with long-standing technical expertise underpinning each of our projects. Novatech is in a league of its own.


Simply put, we are the only analytical instrumentation firm of our kind in Canada. As a proud one-stop shop, our clients look to us for expert advice, customized analytical solutions, and responsive technical services. Our uniqueness lies in our ability to flawlessly integrate our industry-recognized products into our clients’ facilities – the defining characteristic of a truly outstanding firm.


We operate with one central goal driving us forward: to provide top-of-the-line analytical instrumentation solutions that meet and exceed our customers’ requirements for environmental, safety, and process-related applications.






You only need to look as far as our decades-long client relationships to understand the value of partnering with Novatech. Some of our partners have been with us for over 30 years, and of course, there are many factors that underpin this exceptional level of loyalty. Among them, we count our exceedingly professional in-house team, our world-class suppliers, and our willingness to innovate and engineer unique solutions.

It takes an impressive blend of achievements and qualifications to be regarded an industry-recognized expert – but we’ve done it, and we’re only getting better with age.


Analytical instrumentation is complex, nuanced, and very intricate – so you want to be working with the best of the best when it’s time to select your own equipment. Our decades of experience, alongside an impressive portfolio of successful projects across Canada and the United States, are a testament to our knowledge, resilience, and strength as a firm.

More than thirty years in the business have allowed us to achieve unique expertise in risk management, regulatory compliance, innovative design, and sterling after-sales service and support. The motto that guides our work is simple: we work until it works.





1986: Day one at Novatech

1986: Day one at Novatech

On April 24, 1986, Novatech opens its doors in Montreal to serve the Eastern Canadian industrial market. At this point, the company has just two employees: technologists with an entrepreneurial vision.

1990: Complete analytical solutions

It didn’t take long for the company to realize the importance of providing not just quality analytical equipment, but complete analytical solutions. At this point, Novatech expands its offering to include systems integration and post‑delivery maintenance in order to best address client needs.

1992: Novatech Expands

As Novatech grows, a new sales and service office is opened in Ontario to support the expanding customer base.

2000: Novatech Expands

New management changes the direction of the company by establishing distributor agreements with premier analyzer suppliers and to focus on providing analytical products and solutions.

2013: Hello, Sainte-Anne

Novatech outgrows its current location and moves
its head office to a location double the size in the Montreal suburb of Sainte-Anne de Bellevue.

2017: Significant certification

The company earns its ISO 9001:2015 certification,
a quality management accreditation given to businesses that consistently meet both customer and regulatory requirements while improving client satisfaction by properly implementing the ISO 9001:2015 system.

2017: A major acquisition

Novatech acquires Calgary based G.A.S., a move that catapults the company into a whole new stratosphere of growth: with their existing clientele in the East combined with G.A.S.’s reach across the West, Novatech is now able to serve Canadian industrial companies from coast to coast.

2019: New web site and logo

Novatech is launching its new website and logo to reflect its distinctive status as provider of analytics solutions across the country.


As your trusted advisor and partner, our commitment to you is second-to-none service throughout your entire project. That means unparalleled customer service, a stellar selection of high-quality products, an exceptional aptitude for creativity and design, and a discerning eye towards integrating new technology into your existing systems – and that’s just the beginning.


In our 30+ years of operation, our analytical solutions have proven themselves to be many things: innovative, unique, reliable, and durable, for starters. We know exactly which vendors will provide products and components of the highest quality, and we keep them closely linked to our operation so our clients can enjoy peace of mind.


We are engineers. We are technicians. We are sales professionals. We are creators, innovators, and specialists. We are a dedicated team that is greater than the sum of its parts, and we are ready to work with you to build the best possible analytical solution for your needs. With over 500 combined years of experience, we know exactly what to do.


Safety and compliance have always been top priorities for the Novatech team – that’s why we always ensure our company’s regulatory adherence and comprehensive certification. We are fully up-to-date with the industry’s safety standards and requirements, as outlined by the Pressure Equipment Safety Regulations (CRN) and CSA. We have also obtained our ISO 9001:2015 quality certification, and possess safety certifications with ISNetworld, PICS, and COR.