Safety and compliance are at the heart of any successful analytical solution. Without the proper certifications, it is impossible to get the necessary approvals on any given project – that’s why Novatech is always fully up-to-date with all industry standards and regulations. These standards, such as CRN and CSA, regulate certain products and components to ensure their safety and performance.


Our analyzers are exposed to process fluids – some of them toxic or harmful. At Novatech, maintaining regulatory compliance is a promise to our clients that their analytical solutions will be held to the highest quality and safety standards in the industry.


A Canadian Registration Number (CRN) may be required for pressure containing piping and systems. Issued at the provincial level by an authorized safety authority, the CRN acts as proof that a design has been accepted and registered for use in the province that issued the approval. Novatech can design, build and register sample systems to receive a CRN in your applicable province or territory so your project can move forward hassle-free.


All Novatech analyzers and systems comply with the appropriate electrical and hazardous area regulations as outlined by CSA. All manufactured systems and products not already bearing electrical approval will be inspected and certified by a NRTL body before shipment to site.


Choose an analytical firm that prioritizes safety, quality, and compliance. Choose Novatech.