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Siemens Solution partner

We are the only Siemens Solution Partner for Process Analytics in all of Canada, highlighting the caliber of our gold-standard analytical solutions. The Siemens Solution Partner accreditation requires a commitment from Novatech to regularly train our design and integration professionals, as well as undergo periodic quality audits conducted by Siemens.

Novatech University

In the world of analytical instrumentation, the technological landscape is constantly evolving. We understand the importance of having our staff trained and knowledgeable regarding the latest products and techniques on the market – that’s why we host a monthly seminar to educate our entire staff about newly-released analyzers, emerging technologies, and the intricate processes they measure.


Novatech proudly supports the efforts of organizations such as the International Society of Automation (ISA) and the Analyzer Technology Conference (ATC). We participate in and support trade shows and events and encourage our employees to volunteer for leadership positions within the analyzer community.


Knowledge DATABase

The true value of knowledge and experience lies in the ability to share it with others. Using our CRM/ERP system’s knowledge base feature, we have built a database that stores information detailing our collective experiences. This data is easily accessible to our sales, service, and engineering departments to enrich their know-how and help all of us thrive as a team.

Dedicated analyzer specialists

With offices across Canada, Novatech is able to deploy satellite teams to support and complement our clients’ internal staff on-site. Our experts provide in-depth application and technical advice whenever additional expertise is required, working alongside employees to solve problems, provide guidance, and overcome obstacles.


Novatech is proud to have obtained ISO 9001:2015 certification, a testament to our impeccably structured procedures and stringent quality control standards. This quality management certification allows us to provide our clients with CRN systems that also meet other individual provincial regulations.


Regulatory compliance and safety standards are a top priority at Novatech. For example our Calgary integration facility is authorized by the Alberta Boilers Safety Association (ABSA) to manufacture sample systems with Canadian Registration Numbers (CRN). ABSA is Alberta’s pressure equipment safety authority when it comes to implementing programs under the Safety Codes Act. Novatech is proud to have an Approved Quality Plan issued by ABSA following their quality management system review and audit.


Our entire team is at your service, from analyzer and system design and engineering to implementation and maintenance. We are ready to help with any and all challenges you throw our way, so give us a call to get started.


Feeling inspired and looking for your next professional challenge? With Novatech, you will be joining a team of experts, professionals, and passion-driven employees.