AltaGas Hot Oil Heater Combustion Analyzer

South Edmonton’s AltaGas is an NGL extraction plant that separates ethane and propane from natural gas for commercial and industrial use. Their initiative to revamp their oil heater, which consisted of 12 burners, was born of the need to improve the appliance’s combustion efficiency and overall safety.


Novatech was invited to be one of the bidding vendors on this project. After meeting with AltaGas’s instrumentation group to discuss their specific application, we determined that TDL (Tunable Diode Laser) would be the best fit because:

  • The existing combustion analyzer only measured O2 at the top of the stack, whereas monitoring O2, CO, and CH4 would increase burner efficiency and heater safety
  • The burner measured 40ft from end to end, making this a large-scale operation


Ultimately, AltaGas chose Novatech’s solution. Their plant is now equipped with the Neo Monitors IQ2 TDL combustion analyzer, which is:

  • An an all-in-one O2, CO, and CH4 analyzer (safety on startup and shutdown)
  • One single piece of equipment, as opposed to two separate analyzers, a more costly solution recommended by other bidders

In addition, AltaGas can proudly say that they purchased the very first Neo IQ2 in North America!


“Novatech provided us with a solution that no one else could. Being able to only read oxygen didn’t give us the information we needed to ensure the process was running safely and efficiently. With all the other solutions, we would have had to install two analyzers to provide us with the same information as one Neo analyzer. This would have doubled our costs and pushed the project severely over budget. The product provided was well-built and has been reliably in service for 2 years. The service provided by Novatech has been outstanding: they are responsive to our requests and very knowledgeable, while providing great technical support both during and after the analyzer’s installation.”

– Alain Pedneault,
Senior Instrumentation Technician
AltaGas Edmonton Ethane Extraction Plant


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