Novatech is proud to announce our new strategic partnership with Sievers Instruments, a leading Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions division. This collaboration signifies an important advancement in combining Novatech’s expertise with the renowned capabilities of Sievers Instruments in the realm of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analyzers and analytical instruments.

Sievers Instruments is celebrated for its innovative approach to water testing, process monitoring, and cleaning validation, specializing in TOC, conductivity, Bacterial Endotoxin Testing (BET), and bioburden analysis. Their dedication to transforming complex measurements with cutting-edge technology aligns perfectly with Novatech’s commitment to excellence.

This partnership aims to elevate Novatech’s offerings in water quality analysis, focusing on real-time testing, automation, and risk mitigation. It enables us to deliver more robust and reliable solutions to various industries, meeting the growing demand for precision and swift analysis in water testing.

For more information about our enhanced range of services through this partnership, please contact us at

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