August 1st, 2022, marked the 5th anniversary of the acquisition of G.A.S. by Novatech.


We wanted to highlight these five beautiful years of collaboration that have allowed Novatech to have the success it has today! It is, of course, thanks to the participation of all Novatechers that this success was possible. We thank you all!

For this special occasion, we would like to share some of our team’s first memories and behind-the-scenes preparations for this success story.

I remember the day very well. Both nervous and excited to meet the new G.A.S. Team and make the announcement public.  I can honestly say it was a highlight of my career and I have truly enjoyed getting to know and work with all of you! Cheers to 5 successful years and looking forward to many more.

Matt Welland

Key Account Manager

I’ve rarely been so nervous in my life to walk into a conference room to announce to a majority of people you’ve never met, who don’t know you and have no idea what you’re doing there, that we took full control of the company they work for. We were super well prepared, organized, and everything had been thought out and planned in advance, keeping in mind that our priority was the integration of the team in place. Looking back, I can say that we inherited a really nice, friendly and competent team and that throughout the integration process, we had the full collaboration of the Novatech and GAS teams. An unforgettable experience and, in my eyes, a successful integration. We couldn’t have hoped for a better result

Frédéric Vergès

Customer Experience Director

When I first learned we had been purchased by Novatech; it seemed the perfect match; on the surface, the two companies appeared nearly identical. But the reality was Novatech and G.A.S. were similar in some ways but nearly opposite in other ways. My early experience with Novatech was specific to projects, and I was surprised at the amount of investment (people and tools), Novatech had made for what seemed, at first, not significantly more projects than GAS. But over the next few months, it became obvious the G.A.S. could only compare with Novatech on the quantity of projects. Novatech’s investments meant G.A.S. could never compete in terms of the quality or complexity of projects, nor did G.A.S. compete in the service the project group provided to clients (internal and external).

5 years later, it’s hard to remember how we ever did it, and I would not wish to go back.

Kyle Raher

Director of Operations

Wow, how time flies!  It has already been 5 years since Novatech made one of the most important business decisions of its history: acquiring G.A.S. Analytics in Calgary! I remember it very well…. We had a made plan but still had so many questions. We knew that we had many challenges ahead of us… Certainly, we wanted to make this a success for Novatech, but more importantly, for our new Novatechers!  5 years later, I can honestly say that this decision was instrumental in today’s success. A great success story that continues to be written…

In June, with the recent changes in our organization, we have become a fully National team at all levels, a team with the same ambitions, the same objectives with no boundaries and no limits!

To all the former G.A.S. employees still with us and to all the team members that have joined us since, I would like to give you a warm, heartfelt THANK-YOU!  Thank you for your support, your confidence, your dedication, your hard work and your friendships! The Novatech family has grown and continues to grow!

I look forward to celebrating many more important milestones with you in the coming years! To our continued success, CHEERS!

Karl Corriveau


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