Being the Canadian Market leader for more than 35 years in the field of analytical instrumentation wouldn’t have been possible without a powerful specialized service team.
At Novatech we don’t simply hand off your analytical solution once it’s ready to be shipped; Commissioning, training, and preventive maintenance are all the steps we offer you to successfully integrate our solutions into your facility.
And when offering such a variety of analyzers and technologies, we have to make sure we have the Best Team in place.
Today we give the floor to our pan-Canadian service team to explain why they are trusted experts and why proper service is so critical for analytical instrumentation.
1. In your opinion, what is so special about Novatech’s service department? What do you offer more?

We are all SPECIALISTS in analytical instrumentation; this is what we do every day. With a decentralized structure having technicians in the Atlantic regions, Quebec, Ontario, and Alberta, we cover all of Canada from coast to coast and offer personalized service to each client.

Our technicians can provide technical support, start-up, repair, and preventive maintenance services. We offer more than just standard repetitive service. If we see something that can be improved on, such as modifying an installation, we will suggest it if we feel it will benefit our customers.

Our extensive training, along with our collaboration together, leads to a deep well of knowledge that ensures proper and complete servicing of our equipment.

“We are all dedicated and passionate about our jobs; most of us have more than 10 years of analyzer experience and work with various analyzer types in different industries.”

2. What makes the service team at Novatech unique?

Novatech’s service team has strength in diversity! It has been said that “Diversity is the art of thinking independently, together.”

Diversity in what? You might ask. Diversity in backgrounds, characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, experience, language, education, and viewpoints… to name a few. All that diversity becomes our strength when we are working together to achieve a common goal. Our goals are to:

  • continuously improve,
  • work with excellence,
  • learn from one another,
  • support each other as we support our customers,
  • Always stay at the top of our art.
“A service contract gives the customer peace of mind knowing their equipment will be taken care of at predefined interval for their best usage”.

3. Why do you always recommend having a “Service contract”? How is it beneficial to your customers?

Analyzers are specialized and precise instruments that required specific knowledge for proper service and maintenance.

We recommend a service contract over an emergency call due to a critical failure. Like with a car, when you’re on the side of the road with a seized engine, it’s too late to think about changing your oil.

A service contract includes scheduled visits, potentially preferential pricing, and most importantly the experience of a specialized and skilled technician. No need to worry about site staffing shortages or turnover.

A service contract assures you of proper reliability and efficiency with minimum downtime.

“Preventive maintenance extends the life of equipment, increases production time, reduces the number of failures, and prevents costly repairs.”

4. Can you explain to us what preventive maintenance is and how it can be achieved?

It is a given that everything will have a maintenance cost associated with it. Your vehicle, your house, even your dishwasher… they all require maintenance.

Let’s get back to our car example and the oil change. Imagine that your vehicle is due for an oil change. You knew that an oil change would eventually be required because your vehicle manufacturer told you it would. They even gave you a recommended interval. You have a couple of options available to you!

  • Don’t change the oil until the engine dies. We would all agree that this is not a good option. When the engine dies, not only will you still be required to change the oil, but you will have additional costs because, most likely, not changing the oil when recommended has resulted in additional damage. Not only that, but it is unlikely that the engine will die at an inopportune time. It may fail at a time when you need your vehicle most. This adds an additional hidden cost to the failure. No one wants this. This may appear to save money in the short term but costs more money in the long term due to unplanned emergency maintenance.
  • Change the oil proactively, before it is due, at a convenient time when you can afford to be without the vehicle. Even better, take the additional step to have the vehicle looked over more thoroughly at the same time so that you can become aware of any potential issues BEFORE they become big issues. It allows you to plan when those additional items can be repaired at a time that is convenient to you.


“It has been our observation that customers who approach preventive maintenance proactively are able to budget accordingly and alleviate costly unplanned downtime.”


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