The Gas and Flame detection arm of Teledyne Technologies Inc. – comprised of Scott Safety, Detcon, Simtronics, and Oldham products – has over 100 years of gas detection expertise under its belt. Their fixed-point toxic and combustible gas detectors promote safety and security in the workplace, alongside controllers and flame detectors of industry-leading quality.



iTrans 2 – Fixed Gas Detector

The iTrans 2 fixed gas monitor by Teledyne Gas & Flame Detection is a CSA Class I, Division 1 monitor capable of displaying one or two gas concentrations from a...

Meridian Gas Detector

The Meridian from Teledyne Gas and Flame detection is a universal gas detector for both toxic and combustible gases.  SIL 2 certified by TUV for enhanced reliability,...

Teledyne Oldham MX32 Controller

The Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection Oldham MX32 is a compact SIL 1 rated controller capable of working with up to 8 gas detectors in either analog or digital...

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