INOV8 excels in hydrocarbon measurement technology, offering advanced solutions for analyzing oil in water. Their online oil-in-water analyzers are pivotal for industries needing accurate, reliable monitoring for regulatory compliance, leak detection, and process control. This technology is essential for diverse applications, emphasizing precision and operational efficiency.



EXP Controller

The EXP Controller from INOV8 Systems is a state-of-the-art oil-in-water analyzer, revolutionizing monitoring in industries like Oil and Gas and Manufacturing &...

EXS Controller

The EXS Controller from INOV8 Systems is a sophisticated sidestream oil-in-water analyzer, tailored for high-demand sectors like Oil and Gas. It features advanced...

GPP Controller

The GPP Controller from INOV8 Systems is an advanced oil-in-water analyzer, ideal for a wide array of general-purpose applications, including Oil Leak Detection in...

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