Oil-in-Water analyzers are used to detect the presence of very small oil droplets in a water stream. These substances are typically non-soluble, and can come in the form of vegetable oil, lubricating oils, or heavier hydrocarbon products. One of the most common applications for this technology is detecting heat exchanger and boiler tube leaks for various industries, such as oil refineries, petro-chemical, chemical, power, and food.



QuickTOCultra TOC Analyzer

The LAR QuickTOCultra is the most rugged online TOC (Total Organic Carbon) analyzer on the market today. Its high temperature (1,200°C) combustion furnace requires no...

AF16-N / TF16-N Turbidity

Optek turbidity sensors model AF/TF16 are available in direct absoprtion and forward scatter configurations to suit a wide range of applications. Complimenting...

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