Natural Gas

Natural Gas Analyzers make use of several analytical techniques to measure the various critical components that could potentially be found in the production or transportation of natural gas. These techniques include UV spectrometry, chilled mirror technology, TDLAS, quench fluorescence technology, and IR spectroscopy.

Natural gas producers, distributors, and industrial consumers understand the importance of ensuring that natural gas meets various strict quality specifications, which typically include hydrogen sulphide concentrations and a maximum moisture (water) and hydrocarbon dew point temperature. In addition, carbon dioxide and oxygen measurements are sometimes made to meet certain quality specifications: even a relatively small quantity of any one of these impurities within the natural gas transmission lines could cause damage to sensitive metering equipment, corrosion and plugged lines, interfere with odorants, and most importantly, create unsafe or toxic conditions.



OXYvisor™ Oxygen Analyzer

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5100HD TDLAS Gas Analyzer

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5100P Portable TDLAS

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