Combustion Efficiency

Depending on the chosen analytical technique, Combustion Efficiency Analyzers can simultaneously measure Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide, Combustibles, and even unburnt Methane. These applications require the process to be operated as efficiently and safely as possible by keeping both oxygen (excess air) and combustibles (incompletely burned fuel) to a minimum. The analyzer performs hot-wet measurements, which can be carried out either directly within the process (in situ) or close coupled to the furnace wall. Novatech specializes in helping you choose the correct combustion efficiency technology for your needs.



Thermox WDG-V Combustion Analyzer

Ametek THERMOX analyzers are among the most established combustion monitoring and control devices available today. A broad range of products are available for analyzing...

LaserGas iQ2 Combustion Analyzer

The LaserGas iQ2 is the first TDL analyzer to measure up to four gases (oxygen O2, carbon monoxide CO, methane CH4, and water vapour H2O) simultaneously, eliminating...

LaserGas II SP Gas Analyzer

The LaserGas II SP is the workhorse platform in NEO Monitors’ range of in situ TDL gas analyzers. Available in versions capable of measuring a dozen different...

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