The start of a new year presents a welcome opportunity to pause and look back at the past. Despite the global pandemic and its associated uncertainties, we’ve managed to maintain our human and financial objectives.

The Novatech family grew in 2020, with new employees across Canada and the birth of several babies for some of our employees.

The safety and well-being of everyone at Novatech have always been of primary concern.  This past year has provided us with an exceptional opportunity to test this corporate commitment. We have taken the necessary initiatives to keep our team intact and to provide a safe and reassuring work environment for all. I am proud to say that these initiatives have been a success. 


And of course, if Novatech has managed to do well during these turbulent times, it is because of you, our valued customers and business partners, who, despite your own challenges, have continued to place your trust in us.

To all of you, customers, business partners, and the Novatech family, I would like to offer you my best wishes for the year 2021 and say thank you for everything!



Frédéric Vergès