Turbidity Analysis in Recycled Water at Technocell

Technocell approached Novatech to help with a project to reduce the plant’s consumption of potable water. Located in Drummondville, QC the facility produces paper-based products used to cover furniture, cabinetry and laminate flooring – a process in which water plays a vital role.

In order to reuse the water from their process, the client had to ensure there was no contamination from the titanium pigments used. The technology used for this detection had to be simple in operation and require minimal maintenance. The online light scattered turbidity analyzer supplied by Novatech has allowed Technocell to monitor the quality of their recycled water on a continuous basis and thus reduce waste to a minimum.


Our team faced a number of challenges during the project, notably due to the specific requirements of this facility.

  • 120 different colours of paper are produced at this facility. The technology proposed had to be capable of detecting contamination regardless of the paper colour produced.
  • The sensor had to be robust in order to withstand the elevated temperature and pressure of the process.
  • The client had previous experience with technologies that had failed to detect certain contaminants from their process.


To ensure that our proposed technology would satisfy Technocell’s requirements, our team:

  • Sent samples of the various components in the client’s process to the manufacturer of the turbidity analyzer for testing.
  • Selected a turbidity analyzer that could operate reliably in the client’s varying colour process.
  • Engineered a measurement cell that reduces the likelihood of contamination and thus requires less operator maintenance.
  • Offered a 90-day evaluation period to the client to ensure the system operated to their complete satisfaction.
  • Worked closely with the client’s laboratory to validate the performance of the online analyzer.


Congratulations to the Novatech team. The right product for the application was proposed and delivered quickly. Since installing the online turbidimeter our average fresh water consumption has been reduced by approximately 200 cubic meter/day.”

– Sylvain Schmitt,
Senior Mechanical Reliability Engineer,
Technocell Inc., Drummondville, QC


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