City of Richmond Water Quality Analyzers

The City of Richmond provides clean safe drinking water to over 200 000 residents. In order to maintain their high standards of drinking water quality, a number of parameters must be continuously measured.

The municipality wanted to monitor the potable water supply’s pH, turbidity, and residual chlorine levels in order to ensure these values were within quality standards. Thanks to the wide range of water quality analyzers in their product portfolio, Novatech was able to offer a complete solution that addressed all of these important parameters.


As the systems would be installed in the City of Richmond’s remotely operated and unmanned PRV Stations the analyzer solution needed to:

  • Minimize the use of consumables and spare parts
  • Have local service support to maintain and calibrate the analyzers to ensure optimal operation
  • Offer high reliability, be simple to operate, provide accurate readings, and require as little maintenance as possible


Novatech provided a single manufacturer’s solution capable of measuring all of the necessary parameters. A common HMI platform simplified operator training requirements and spare parts inventory.

  • An extractive pH loop eliminating the need to measure in the process pipe
  • An optical light-scatter Turbidity analyzer capable of detecting very low level particulates
  • A Residual Chlorine analyzer which operates without the need of reagents, minimizing ongoing maintenance and resupply of chemicals.
  • Our Local service support from Novatech is available for maintenance and calibration


Novatech has provided excellent service and sales support for the instruments that monitor our water quality. Over the years, the Novatech team has always provided good advice, servicing and calibrating our instruments when any issues arose. We continue to keep in contact with Novatech for any new equipment and we are always happy to see Novatech at the trade shows.”

– City of Richmond – Water Dept.


Our entire team is at your service, from analyzer and system design and engineering to implementation and maintenance. We are ready to help with any and all challenges you throw our way, so give us a call to get started.


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