CEM Stack Velocity

In 2008, a Northern Ontario mine installed two new CEM systems including stack flow analysers supplied by Novatech. Monitored by the Ministry of the Environment based on PG7 guidelines, this installation needed to meet RATA testing, monthly reporting, and other regulatory standards.


The mining company was required to comply with stringent environmental regulations, while ensuring that their new system was performing optimally. To achieve both of these goals, their supplier called on Novatech’s service department to:

  • Finish what the previous analytical subcontractor started, given that they were unable to properly address and solve performance problems with the stack flow meter
  • Resolve issues with the system’s stability and accuracy: it was unable to pass RATA testing due to measurement noise interfering with the reported flows


After a full week of hard work, meticulous troubleshooting, and dedication to finding the perfect solution, Novatech’s technician was able to fix the stack flow meter’s programming by:

  • Taking tacking measurements of the installed geometry
  • Locating and repairing the source of the noise.
  • Balancing purge air flows and conducting a general tune-up

Once Novatech’s work was complete, the mining company once again performed flow traverse testing as required by RATA. Not only did the system finally pass the test, but it has been in perfect working condition ever since.


While he was onsite, the Novatech technician provided our team with a great deal of training regarding the way our system functions. He was extremely knowledgeable, provided excellent service, and was a pleasure to work with.

The reports provided to us were clear and concise. The other solutions providers (as well as our company) struggled for 3-4 years to get this system working properly. Novatech fixed it in one visit.

That was our first experience with Novatech, and it was a big success.”

– Instrumentation Planner,
Northern Ontario mine site


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