The Ametek 9900 Gas Analyzer is a sophisticated, versatile tool for accurate industrial gas composition analysis. Configurable for both single and multi-component measurements, it excels in applications ranging from standalone units to integral parts of Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM) systems. With its advanced technology, the 9900 offers exceptional baseline stability and minimal span drift, effectively eliminating interference from water and CO2.

Using non-UV sensing technologies, it supports precise detection of gases like oxygen, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide. Suitable for measuring up to five components simultaneously, the 9900 is a cost-effective solution for multi-component analysis. Available in wall-mount or rack-mount configurations, it serves a wide range of industries.

From chlorine and cement/lime to glass, hydrocarbon processing, metals and mining, natural gas, and pulp and paper sectors, the 9900 Gas Analyzer delivers unmatched analytical capabilities, ensuring compliance with environmental standards and optimizing industrial processes for safety and efficiency.


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