Water / Steam Condensate Quality

Steam is commonly used in many industrial processes for a wide range of heating applications. It is essential that the quality of the water is maintained in order to minimize corrosion issues and ensure the efficiency of the heating process. The most commonly-performed measurements are pH, Conductivity (or ORP) and Dissolved Oxygen.



AF16-N / TF16-N Turbidity

Optek turbidity sensors model AF/TF16 are available in direct absoprtion and forward scatter configurations to suit a wide range of applications. Complimenting...


M4 Knick offers a complete range of conductivity sensors suitable for applications ranging from industrial to high purity.  Configurations include coaxial, 4-electrode,...

IPS-4 IR/UV Gas Analyzer

The IPS-4 integrated process spectrophotometer from Ametek measures up to 8 components as either an non dispersive infrared (NDIR) spectrometer, or as a full spectrum...

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