Physical Properties and Sulphur

Blending hydrocarbons with condensate, or for the production of fuels such as gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel, requires precise monitoring. Various physical properties and sulphur content must be controlled in order to meet performance targets, pipeline specifications, and regulatory limits.

Most of the required measurements are based on laboratory procedures, but Novatech has specialized experience in the supply, integration, and operation of these analyzers’ online versions. Techniques may be directly based on the laboratory ASTM method, or they may rely on GC, advance multivariate analysis, and near-infrared spectroscopy.

The Novatech team, backed by decades of expertise, is here to assist you in designing the best approach for your fuel property analysis needs.



NIR-O Spectrophotometer

The GUIDED WAVE™ NIR-O™ process analyzer is a liquid spectrophotometer operating in the near-infrared region, and capable of monitoring up to 12 process streams....

Asoma 682T-HP Sulphur Analyzer

Capable of measuring total sulphur in crude oils and pipeline applications, the Ametek 682T-HP X-Ray transmission technology is reliable and robust, making it suitable...

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