pH / ORP

Put simply, pH probes measure the volume of hydrogen ions in a solution. Higher ion concentrations make the solution more acidic (low pH), while lower concentrations mean the solution will be more alkaline (high pH).

Oxidative-reduction potential (ORP) probes measure the oxidative or reductive potential of a liquid sample. The more oxidative the solution, the higher the mV value will be (>0mV).

Measuring ph/ORP allows for effective process and chemical-addition control. This process is commonly used on plant effluent, boiler feed water, and other chemical solutions.



Holders & Fittings

Holders and fittings from M4 Knick provide safety and convenience when it comes to measuring pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen and conductivity. The product range extends from...

pH / ORP

Available in liquid-filled, gel-filled, and open junction solid electrolyte versions, there is an M4 Knick’s pH/ORP sensor for every application.  With advanced...

pH / ORP

These rugged Barben Analytical (BAT) pH sensors are based on Ted Barben’s patented Axial Ion Path technology, featuring a greater immunity to contamination &...

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