pH / ORP

Put simply, pH probes measure the volume of hydrogen ions in a solution. Higher ion concentrations make the solution more acidic (low pH), while lower concentrations mean the solution will be more alkaline (high pH).

Oxidative-reduction potential (ORP) probes measure the oxidative or reductive potential of a liquid sample. The more oxidative the solution, the higher the mV value will be (>0mV).

Measuring ph/ORP allows for effective process and chemical-addition control. This process is commonly used on plant effluent, boiler feed water, and other chemical solutions.



Holders & Fittings

Holders and fittings from M4 Knick provide safety and convenience when it comes to measuring pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen and conductivity. The product range extends from...


The Portavo is the first portable meter for use with both analog and digital Memosens sensors; the perfect solution to simplify field testing and sensor calibration....

pH / ORP

Available in liquid-filled, gel-filled, and open junction solid electrolyte versions, there is an M4 Knick’s pH/ORP sensor for every application.  With advanced...

pH / ORP

These rugged Barben Analytical (BAT) pH sensors are based on Ted Barben’s patented Axial Ion Path technology, featuring a greater immunity to contamination &...

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