Hydrocarbon Leak Detection

Hydrocarbon leak detection is a critical measurement to ensure that process leaks or spills are detected quickly and at appropriate sensitivities, preventing environmental and local water source leaching. We employ various measurement techniques depending on the hydrocarbon of interest, including sparging systems for dissolved volatiles, optical detection for undissolved heavy hydrocarbons, oil-on-water sheen detection, and total organic carbon analytical systems for regulatory compliance.



Hydrocarbon Sparger System

Novatech’s proprietary sparging technology can detect and/or quantify dissolved hydrocarbon leak from process equipment and heat exchangers. The flexible design...

AF16-N / TF16-N Turbidity

Optek turbidity sensors model AF/TF16 are available in direct absoprtion and forward scatter configurations to suit a wide range of applications. Complimenting...

ODL-1600A Sheen Detector

By measuring the reflectance of water with a laser, the TOA/DKK ODL-1600 can detect the presence of an oil film floating on the surface. The laser scans a large area of...

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