Hydrocarbon – Liquid

Hydrocarbon Analyzers can typically measure one or many components within a mixed hydrocarbon stream. The liquid hydrocarbon stream can be vaporized for a speciated analysis in a gas chromatograph, or analyzed in a liquid state by NIR technology. Specific wavelength UV technologies can measure for analytes such as sulphur. These measurements are commonly used in refining, mid-stream, petro-chemical, and chemical industries.



MAXUM Gas Chromatograph

The Siemens MAXUM family of process gas chromatographs (GC) represent the pinnacle of technology for the analysis of gas composition in refining, petrochemical and...

SOLA iQ Total Sulphur

Building on the proven Pulsed UV (Ultra Violet) -Fluorescence technology of the Thermo Scientific SOLA II, the new SOLA iQ provides improved I/O, interface and...

NIR-O Spectrophotometer

The GUIDED WAVE™ NIR-O™ process analyzer is a liquid spectrophotometer operating in the near-infrared region, and capable of monitoring up to 12 process streams....

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