Fuel Blending

When blending fuels such as gasoline, diesel, or jet fuel, the refiner’s goal is to maximize profit while still meeting quality objectives and regulatory limits. The use of online analyzers during the blending process allows for the fine-tuning of blend ratios on the fly, and ultimately, the reduction of giveaway. Measurable parameters include boiling points, vapour pressure (RVP), total sulphur, flash point, cetane number, RON/MON, and many more. Using traditional ASTM methods and advanced NIR spectrometric techniques, Novatech can design and manufacture a complete analytical suite that meets your performance goals.



SOLA iQ Total Sulphur

Building on the proven Pulsed UV (Ultra Violet) -Fluorescence technology of the Thermo Scientific SOLA II, the new SOLA iQ provides improved I/O, interface and...

NIR-O Spectrophotometer

The GUIDED WAVE™ NIR-O™ process analyzer is a liquid spectrophotometer operating in the near-infrared region, and capable of monitoring up to 12 process streams....

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