There are two ways to determine the physical properties of complex mixtures: you can either directly measure those properties, or you can use inferential multivariate analysis. An online distillation analyzer can directly measure a sample’s boiling point curve (based on ASTM methods), and in many cases, it is also possible to correlate a sample’s NIR spectral behavior to laboratory test results. As a result, you can predict boiling point behavior. With all of these options available, choosing the most suitable technology for your application can be a challenge – so let Novatech’s experts guide and assist you in building out an analytical solution.



Distillation Analyzer

The Icon Scientific Distillation Analyzer is a robust online analyzer capable of measuring the entire boiling point curve of hydrocarbon fuels from Initial to Final...

NIR-O Spectrophotometer

The GUIDED WAVE™ NIR-O™ process analyzer is a liquid spectrophotometer operating in the near-infrared region, and capable of monitoring up to 12 process streams....

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