Hydrogen Analyzers use various field proven technologies, either as part of a gas chromatograph system or as a stand-alone analyzer using solid state sensor technology. Their purpose is to measure concentrations of hydrogen, from low ppm to percent levels, for a wide variety of industrial applications including those in nuclear power plants, petroleum, chlor-alkali, sulphur recovery and fuel cell production. Hydrogen analyzers can help refineries and other industrial organizations meet all of their safety, regulatory, and process control requirements.



MAXUM Gas Chromatograph

The Siemens MAXUM family of process gas chromatographs (GC) represent the pinnacle of technology for the analysis of gas composition in refining, petrochemical and...

Calomat 6 Gas Analyzer

The Calomat 6 series of continuous gas analyzers from Siemens measure the thermal conductivity (TC) of binary or simple gas mixtures to determine the concentration of...

HY-OPTIMA Hydrogen Analyzers

Based on a proprietary solid-state hydrogen (H2) sensing technology, H2scan’s HY-OPTIMA line of products are available in a range of configurations to match your...

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